So Let Me Get This Straight…

Welcome to So Let Me Get This Straight…

SLMGTS represents a new division of The Chronicles Of Mayhem. The plan is to provide regular pithy entries describing some of the more inane encounters I have had with patients. They might be funny, they might be weird, they might be confusing. All I can say is that you will get to read the actual thoughts that went through my mind as I spoke to these people, though it’s not necessarily what I said. 

I expect to post a new entry each week, at noon on a Monday, for as long as I continue to meet suitable patients. As is always the case, entries will be constructed so as to remove any identifying details, and what you read is likely to be a combination of a dozen patients, instead of any one person.

NB: Entries are pre – scheduled. The links will only become active at noon on the Monday in question.

Series Premiere:   September 29, 2008
Episode 2:             October 6, 2008
Episode 3:             October 13, 2008 
Episode 4:             October 20, 2008
Episode 5:             October 27, 2008
Episode 6:             November 3, 2008
Episode 7:             November 10, 2008
Episode 8:             November 17, 2008
Episode 9:             November 24, 2008
Episode 10:           December 1, 2008
Episode 11:           December 8, 2008 
Episode 12:           December 15, 2008 
Episode 13:           December 22, 2008
Episode 14:           December 29, 2008
Episode 15:           January 5, 2009
Episode 16:           January 12, 2009
Episode 17:           January 19, 2009   
Episode 18:


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